vineri, decembrie 09, 2005

Colectii si nostalgii (VI)

Ieri am cumparat pe strada, la un pret de nimic (10 RON) minunatia asta.
Il cunosc pe cel care a vandut-o, in individ de 30 ani care descompleteaza coletia de bancnote a defunctului sau tata. Intreaga colectie de bancnote se ridica la suma de 3.800 $. Dar daca o vinde asa, pe furis, fara stirea mamei, poate am sanse sa o iau mai ieftin.
Cam asta am aflat despre banknota jubiliara cumparata ieri...
The newest issue of the National Bank of Hungary is unusual in that it is the first time the nation is using paper money instead of a coin to honor an important national event. In this case, it is one which few anywhere can celebrate the thousandth anniversary of nationhood. The "Magyar Millennium" was the theme of gold and silver coins earlier in the year. Now, as the anniversary year draws to a close, a special issue of the 2.000 forint banknote has been released in a limited issue of just 500.000 notes. Unique to this note is that on the face it has a holographic metal strip made of gold. Depending on the angle at which it is viewed, it shows either the national coat of arms, or the letters "MNB" for Magyar Nemzeti Bank (National Bank of Hungary). The reverse has the words "Magyar Millennium" in the center.
Yup. I just love banknotes and the "art" of collecting them.
Si cand ma gandesc ca si eu [probabil] la randul meu o sa am un urmas mostenitor care imi va rispi colectiile, ma apuca groaza...
Dar pana atunci mai este ceva timp. So I'm enjoying my time. When collecting, it's about this simple philosopy: "enjoy the effort of collecting and admire less the whole". Cel putin in cazul meu...

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