miercuri, iulie 12, 2006

shoot my blog

Take an original photo of my blog with your digital camera or mobile phone and send it to shootmyblog -at- hotmail.com. There's only one requirement : your computer monitor {with my blog title / homepage visible on the screen) MUST appear somewhere in the photo... Be imaginative and creative, and your original photo + your link will be published on Shoot my Blog... a "totally bizarre" photoblog ...a "totally bizarre" way to advertise your personal website :-)

3 comentarii:

  1. I-am trimis si eu vreo doua... Dar e o tampenie, pana la urma, nu?

  2. Da. Dar ce conteaza? :P
    Daca omul are o dambla... interesanta, de ce sa nu punem si noi umarul la mareata ei realizare?

  3. Uitati-va la un forum american al bloggerilor.
    Vi se pare o tampenie? Depinde de noi ca forumul sa nu fie o tampenie.