vineri, august 18, 2006

Sea Hedgehog: a promise is a promise

This post will be in English. It's a promise to a very nice blonde Czech girl (Petra) who offered me her help hen I really needed.
The story goes like this:
During this summer-camp in Greece, I had the "opportunity" to accidentally step on a sea hedgehog / urchin. That was during my dangerous water-jumping from the rocks, with some high school students that I had to take care. (sssh.. don't tell my mom that). The whole thing took place in Skiathos port, at 16:10 PM on 28 of July 2006. After the accident I went back to the ship that took us there (Elisabeth III) and I asked the Romanian guide if there is anyone who could take care of my foot injury. And in this way I met Petra.
Black Sea Hedgehog She's a Czech medicine student who works on Elisabet Cruises Company. Why in Greece? Coz' she's in love with a Greek boy (i think he's the DJ of the ship). We talked about a lot of things (Dracula, Romania, my English skills, now days romance & love etc) while she was trying (in captain's cabin) to remove with a needle the nasty left-overs of the animal from my foot. Eating sweets and bonbons that she brought over, I was almost glad that I had this stupid accident. But all beautiful moments have their ending. Mine was captain's "order" for her to get back to work (at the bar) and let a doctor to take care about my foot when we'll arrive in Paralia Katerini.
She was so gently and she did a great job with that needle in my wound. I really do appreciate that.
This post is just a simple way to say a big Thank You.

PS: I still got the blue T-Shirt from the ship. ;)

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